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"We would like to thank Greg and Sandra Jensen of Jensen Law Group, Ltd. for the preparation of our Wills, Living Trust and associated medical documents. They were very competent, thorough, and patient as they spent time with us. We can now rest assured that our children will find our estate and other documents in good order. We highly recommend their work."
- Bob and Julia S.

"Greg and Sandy make a great team to work with. They took time to fully listen to our wishes, gave advice where needed and delivered our trust papers in a binder for easy accessing of various sections. We highly recommend their services."
- Greatest Trust Law Firm

"I have been in financial services for 34 years and we always recommend that our clients create living wills and trusts. My wife and I recently had the opportunity to meet Greg and hSandy Jensen and were very impressed with their team. We recommended them to one of our high net worth clients and they were very satisfied. The Jensen Group provides the most comprehensive estate planning services that I have seen. I plan on highly recommending the Jensen Group in the future!"
- John
Financial Services

"We are both in our 60's and as we lose our friends and relatives on what seems like an unwelcome regular schedule and see the problems they go through when no plans have been written down (wills, trusts, etc.), we decided it was time we prepared for ourselves. Both Greg and Sandy explained the process in a clear and straightforward manner, and thoroughly answered any questions we had. We are quite satisfied with our trust, wills and medical documents. I would wholeheartedly and eagerly recommend the Jensen's to all that are making these important plans and decisions."
- Thoroughly Answers Questions
Trust clients - Steve and Bonny

"Greg Jensen set up our Living Trust and the process was efficient and stress free. Greg and his wife Sandy did all of the work and we can now rest easy knowing that our affairs are in order. Greg's thorough and easily understood description of the process left us feeling that we have a complete estate plan that will make it easy for our two children to move forward after our eventual passing. Thanks Greg and Sandy, you are the best."
- Duane
Trust client

"I am an escrow officer at Western Title who works with Gregory Jensen and Sandra Jensen. They are very professional, efficient and knowledgeable and this makes our closing go very smooth. I would recommend them to anyone who needs their services. We love working with them."
- Michele
Western Title

"We may have been able to find another attorney who is as knowledgeable or friendly as Greg. I don't think we could find anyone who could make us feel more at ease with the whole process of writing a will and creating a trust. Such a personal thing it is to discuss your family relationships and your financial assets. Greg and Sandy gained our trust quickly and made it easy for us. We now consider them more than legal professionals. They are friends."
- More than a Law Firm
Susan and Ken

"Super duper good- hearted people(Greg and Sandy)extremely honest and professional,proficient and simply kind.these people truly care about their clients and their welfare.i will use their services again,and won't hesitate to refer others to this practice.We went there for a legal service,and left as friends. My dad,mom and I truly care about Greg and Sandy... Such good people!"
- Debbie
Estate Planning clients

"Excellent professional and personal experience. I was referred to Greg by my financial adviser. I found Greg to be exceptional and above my expectations in all aspects of my time spent working with him and Sandra, while completing the handling of the preparation of my Will and Trust. Plus matters pertaining to my deceased wife's estate. I can in all honesty most highly recommend Greg to those seeking will and estate preparation."
- Professional and Personal Law Firm

"We hired Greg to re-do our California trust after moving to Reno. He guided us through the process and changes we needed to make. Very knowledgeable and responsive. Office staff is very friendly and helpful!!"
- Diane
Trust client

"Greg was very attentive to our needs and handled the updating of our wills and trusts with skill and understanding. He made this necessary activity easy by his thorough explanations to all of our questions and gave us confidence in his knowledge regarding our requirement for a Special Needs Trust for our child. We definitely do recommend him."
- Skillful and Understanding
Lynda -Trust client

"Greg and Sandy did a wonderful job with revising our Family Trust. A number of things needed to be changed since our last revision in 2010. We chose the Jensen’s over that last lawyer that did our trust for one big reason. They were so good in helping us totally understand what we had and what we needed to do. They made us feel very comfortable. "
- Quadro Family Trust

"Our investment advisor recommended another trusts attorney in Reno, but after review of several trusts practices, both my intuition and my experience in professional risk management, commended our engaging Jensen Law. We found the Jensen's to be highly client-focused, intelligent, comprehensive, thoroughly experienced and imaginative. Commitments were kept in all regards. Fees were fully explained in advance and were reasonable. We had had trusts prepared around ten years ago in the Bay Area. The new joint trust agreement was far more comprehensive and fully reflected our desires."
- A Superb Trusts Attorney

"When my elderly mother was facing risky surgery, she thoughtfully considered whether her affairs were in order. They were not. The surgery date had been set and we needed a plan. We consulted Mr. Jensen on the recommendation of several neighbors. My mother and our family were delighted with the competence we found with Mr. Jensen. He was kind and thorough. Mr. Jensen quickly provided us with the help and documents Mom needed to feel comfortable that should her health decline, her wishes were known. My sisters and I also appreciated a the comprehensive guide for "what if." Mom is recovering and now I must also provide for the security of my family by "getting my ducks in a row." I will absolutely use Gregory Jensen for this and would happily recommend him to all others in need of expert and timely legal help."
- Expert help, when you need it

"I found Greg through this website, and he was extremely helpful in settling my mother's estate. I'm from out of state and never met Greg personally, yet he was always responsive, professional, cordial, patient, and excellent at providing explanations and walking me through the process. At a time of sadness and confusion, it was reassuring to know that I had someone completely competent doing what needed to be done and providing me with instructions.rnAs a bonus, Greg also recommended a realtor who was terrific. There was no pressure from him to use her, but I'm so glad I did. I felt like both of them had my best interests - and the best interests of my mother's estate - at the forefront. "
- Great at settling an estate

"My parents recently passed away and I had to deal with other attorneys regarding their Trust. The attorneys were good but it was strictly business. In talking with Greg, you sense he is not only Knowledgeable but a very decent and caring person. He makes you feel comfortable and welcome. He explains everything in layman terms. Sandy, his wife and assistant is also a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them! "
- Trust and Estate Planning

"At my first meeting with Gregory Jensen, I asked for the pros and cons of a Living Trust versus a Will. An in-depth discussion convinced me that a Living Trust would be much better for me and my heirs. So, I agreed that Mr. Jensen to go ahead and prepare the documents. When the final documents were ready for review, I was very pleased that they exceeded my expectations. In our final conference, we discussed the details. Greg gave me a large binder with easy-to-follow instructions and forms for transferring my assets into the Living Trust.My Living Trust covers every conceivable scenario on who gets what, when, and where. One of my favorite passages is that any heir bringing a lawsuit against my Trust will be happily paid one dollar and then disinherited. In conclusion, I highly recommend Gregory Jensen without any reservation. He did an outstanding job and I will recommend Mr. Jensen to my five daughters who need to start thinking about death and taxes."
- My Living Trust

"I contacted Greg and Sandy, his wife and expert assistant, (heard about them from a friend) to provide info for forming my Trust and Estate Plan after having 2 other firms attempted help me...the difference is, they explain in detail the different pros and cons of paths to pursue and why and most importantly, they answer phone calls quickly and literally drive the process with clarity to get through family matters and completion of all forms including placing properties in the Trust without me having to do all of the legwork. I would highly recommend them, especially if your schedule is busy, you have complexity in the family and you need someone who is clearly an expert in this segment of the field to prevent the inevitable procrastination that most of us have in our busy lives. Bottom line is I am more than satisfied and their cost is very reasonable."
- Revocable Trust

"I am very pleased with the Jensen Law Group, and highly recommend them for any of your estate planning needs.rnrnWhen I first called their office, I was impressed by the fact that Sandy called me back after-hours, following a long day in meetings. She spent at least a half hour on the phone with me, explaining the benefits of a Living Trust, and how the Jensen Law Group would draw up not only a Living Trust, but also a Pour-Over Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, and Directive to Physicians as part of their service.rnrnThe Living Trust process was new to me, so Greg patiently described the various aspects of a Living Trust, explained any legal terms that were unfamiliar to me, and worked with me to design a trust that accommodated my specific needs and desires.rnrnThe Jensen Law Group produced a polished and professional final product. They presented me with a Living Trust in a jacketed 3-ring binder, with each section of the Trust clearly labeled. The Trust also includes step-by-step instructions for both me and my loved ones.rnrnIt truly was a pleasure to work with Greg and Sandy; they are very pleasant, very personable, and make a great team! I definitely felt like they were looking after my best interests.rnrnI absolutely recommend the Jensen Law Group - - if you are looking for an estate attorney, look no further! "
- Excellent Estate Planning Professionals! (Living Trust)

"My adopted dad died and he had a will. Wills must go through probate. Greg made the process as easy as he could but it was nine months o f" I wish he had a trust" and fulfilling the orders of the probate judge. The day probate closed, Greg helped me set up a living trust. My children will not go through the probate process."
- Everyone should have a Living Trust