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Deciding what to leave for others after you pass away is very important and very personal.  Leaving property for others reflects your desires, values and dreams.  To pass on you property is one thing.  To pass it on in a manner intended to preserve loving and valued relationships is equally important.  Being laid to rest at the end of life should NOT spark the beginning if unrest among family and heirs due to confusion over what you intended.  We address this directly with clients.  Our goal is to help you find peace of mind through planning your estate wisely and affordably.

For centuries WILLS have been the primary tool for planning estates.  But traditional Wills invoke an expensive and time consuming process known as PROBATE.  Probate is supervised in public hearings by the probate court.  The probate process is open to the public.  Anyone can read your WIll.  With a traditional Will in probate, anyone can see what you own and who will inherit how much (or be disinherited).  There are different levels of probate court supervision in Nevada, depending on the dollar amount of your estate. We handle probate cases when necessary.

Problems of "public" probate can be avoided by using revocable or living TRUST.  Trusts are NOT just for wealthy people.  To the contrary, Trusts are very commonly used today.  They are practical and affordable.  Trusts are private.  Your affairs are not open to the public.  Trusts do not require court involvment or supervision.  Trusts can also reduce or avoid estate taxes.  With a TRUST,  the trustee of your choice distributes your property as you have directed.  Trusts involve a private process known as "trust administration." Trust administration provides you far more control to determine in advance how your estate will be managed and distributed--for children, grandchildren, step children, irresponsible heirs and specific gifting provisions entirely of your choosing.

If you die without a Will or a Trust, the probatable property you leave behind must be distributed under Nevada "intestacy" law.  This often results in "heir battles" and family disputes.  Such disagreements can estrange family members from each other, contrary to what you would have wanted.  Dying intestate can also subject your heirs to unscrupulous solitations.

There is no "one size fits all" in estate planning.  Sometimes sophisticated estate planning tools are appropriate.  However, often simpler and less expensive approaches can work as well.  We provide the legal estate planning tools needed to meet your needs.

Today many Nevada homeowners are "underwater" in their homes--meaning they owe the bank more than the home's fair market value.  A home is often THE main asset in an estate plan.  We deal every day with the FORECLOSURE issue in Reno. How to treat an "underwater home" in your estate plan is important for liability reasons.  Click our "News" tab above for useful information about home foreclosure in Nevada.

We welcome the opportunity to help you consider your estate planning options and needs.